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Pennysaver has been delivering to homes for over 50 years and is still a well read community paper. It is delivered to Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Bronx, Queens and Long Island as well as New York statewide and the entire U.S. Your message can be delivered to 10,000 homes or 20 million. Pennysaver offers shoppers unbeatable value: A home mailed/delivered package of advertised offers, sales, services, jobs, coupons for national and local retailers and so much more.

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Pennysaver delivers a hyper-local, highly targeted audience. Locally we deliver weekly to over 237,000 homes in Westchester and Rockland counties, over 3 million in NY state and over 20 million nationwide! Our readers are well, rounded, affluent, active in the community, educated and most own their own home.

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Pennysaver offers the ability for both market-wide and targeted advertising, allowing the advertiser to get their message into the areas they want to pinpoint and increase business. We want to see your business thrive! Your business success is very important to us and building a quality advertising campaign is one key to your success. We will work with you to design a custom fit campaign to ensure your advertisement connects with your target audience and maximize results and profitability.

why Pennysaver generates unmatched advertising response

• It is free • It is direct mailed and home delivered • Over 40 years of accumulated readership • Small convenient booklet size • Your advertising does not have to compete with editorial for the readers attention • Huge variety of classified ads •

People read editorial in the daily newspapers, people read the PENNYSAVER to BUY!
Our ads are our content!

For more information contact one of our consultants:

WESTCHESTER / BRONX: 914.592.5222
ROCKLAND: 845.627.3600

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